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    Universal Ice Bag 
    Sport Injuries | Post Surgery

    Treatment for 


    Muscle Recovery 

    Joint Sprains

    Muscle Strains 


    Muscle Soreness



    The Ice N Easy is a premium and trusted reusable ice bag and strap allowing comprehensive icing and compression to the injured site whilst providing the option for the athlete to be mobile. The Ice N Easy offers a clean and efficient icing solution whilst coupled with a 3-year warranty, instilling the confidence of the quality outlasting any recovery time frame with our velour rubber technology decreasing the chance of ice burn. whilst the neoprene strap allows thorough compression


     9 Inch Ice N Easy

    Designed as a universal ice bag for all, from children to the elderly with the size of the ice bga perfect for all joints and all ages.

    Expert in treating joints

     11 Inch Ice N Easy

    A larger bag engineered to benefit individuals with larger joints in addition to post surgery requirements. The larger surface area allows the bag to cover the entirety of the injury.

    Expert in treating large muscle groups and large joints

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