Ice Packs

ICE'N'EASY is the choice of many international athletes for treatment of musculo-skeletal problems associated with exercise. ICE'N'EASY takes ice bags and cold packs to a new level.

Cold application has been shown to reduce pain and muscle spasm. ICE'N'EASY provides an effective and safe way to treat sports injuries.

Our cold packs brand ICE'N'EASY has undergone numerous small changes over the years to try and give the athlete the best possible icing technique with the minimum of fuss.

The ICE'N'EASY bag is made of a velour rubber composite, designed to help decrease the chance of ice burn. It is held in place by an elastic neoprene Velcro pad which has elastic straps to attach directly onto the pad. This method not only gives the user a great method of icing but also allows for a good compression over the injured area.

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